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Back to Top Button

This is abit of code I try to include in all my websites because it helps users with navigating the website. This is a simple button the shows when the users scrolls the page past a certain poi...
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Adding an Inset Shadow to an Image Using CSS

I was working on a new site and want to make it as dynamic as possible but i dont want to sacrifice the design. To do that, I found this CSS that adds an inset shadow to an image, and it works grea...
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Get the Post Thumbnail URL in Wordpress

The tag the_post_thumbnail(); is used to get the thumbnail image of the current post. When using the_post_thumbnail(); tag in Wordpress, sometimes you will need to get the actual url of the image. ...
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Get Current Year using jQuery

As an alternative to updating the date dynamically, through server-side scripting, this is a method to change the date dynamically using jQuery. I wouldnt recommend using this unless you cant use a...
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A Logo Design Process From Start To Finish

Everyone has a different process. Each person needs to find what work best for them. With that I found a process that seems to work and has some things to consider that are important for both you a...
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My CSS Reset

This is my current CSS Reset code that I use in all sites I code. I will update this periodically, but for now this is my starting point. html, body{margin:0px; width:100%; height:100%; font-famil...
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Why load your jQuery library from CDN?

jQuery framework can be loaded from Google, Microsoft or jQuery CDN(Content Delivery Network) and there are several advantages in doing so. Reasons Why? 1. You always use the latest jQuery framewor...
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Youtube iframe z-index problem

If you have a youtube video embedded within your web page that ignores the z-index of fixed or absolutely positioned DIV elements then here is both the html and the JavaScript (jquery) fix.   ...
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How to make Quotation Marks in CSS

According to CSS2, adding quote marks to any blockquote automatically, should be pain free.  The spec handles it in such a way as to be entirely language independent - negating hard coded quot...
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Metatags for Wordpress Categories

Add the below code to the top of your Category template page to add meta tags to each category page.
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