Poetic Things

Hide me away oh Lord, find me a way.

Notes: this is a poem of desperation. When everything around Seems like its falling apart, sometime all you want to do is run and hide. God is always there, even if you hide or run and He will Show...
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my eyes burn this night as i see only you and i sit in this light as i fade into blue my heart breaks in two when its out on my sleeve your loves always true and you made me believe i transformed ...
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The Way

on the pillow i lay as my heart skiped a beat i was dreaming a dream and was deep in my sleep i knew when i woke i would never forget this dream was so real as dreams all can get in the dream was ...
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The night we met and i knew you were the one

tonight i searched my soul and found an empty shell saw myself walking a wire then suddenly i fell falling to what i didnt know but i knew it wasnt right i knew i shouldnt be in this place but her...
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My Redemption

my heart cant take the breaking from this earth thats always shaking moving my feet from under me my world just starts its quaking the world keeps moving faster i dont know if i can last here some...
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At the Alter

note: this is my veiw on an experience i once had...although i didnt physically go through these things i feel like mentally i have experienced it. so basically its an experience of someone that i...
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Adrift in a dream

i saw it once in a dream its beauty like none else it surounded me with intensity as i clinged to myself no one was around me as i lay crying on the floor as i felt the weight get stronger and knew...
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To No One In Particular

note: this poem isnt about anyone in particular. its just me thinking and knowing how i would want this type of relationship to be.. heres to never feeling broken when held inside her grasp and al...
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a day away

tomorrow is always a day away when the trouble is today hoping for a better tomorrow it still wont come this way i try looking to the horizon but there i always find tomorrow is always a day away w...
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Broken Hearts and Fireflies

broken hearts and fireflies are running through my mind dreaming of a light inside with nothing left behind open to the world around and hanging by a thread dreaming of the day to come while trapt...
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