Poetic Things

one day away

one day closer to writing it down one day closer to loosing the frown one day closer to the fountain of youth one day closer to seeing the truth one day away from the stones that were thrown one ...
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His Voice

ts comming out of the crowd and giving your heart its loving the ones that have torn you apart its helping the broken and finding the true its giving more of yourself and keeping less of you its no...
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the days difficulties

To make the pain all go away and avoid the stress of the passing day you live, you love, you hope, you trust we do the things that we must you dream, you feel, you smile, you cry, you understand th...
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love and friendship

i look at my rhymes and my past and i thought those feelings would always last I never saw my failing love as a ending spectrum from above it seemed so perfect and so new i turned to red from blac...
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Another day

if there were away to know what tommorow brings would you really want to know it would you be the best at everything and not be afraid to show it or would the day start like it began and and you ju...
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Closer than a brother

when you look at how life begins and ends you relize between there are many friends friends will come and friends will go but through it all you should always know that there is one friend that wil...
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its hard feeling like i want to cry but not knowing how or knowing why i wish sometime the tears would flow but then i sit there and they just wont go i feel the pain inside my mind its full of hur...
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dream like nothing hurts you there see the things that you don't fear love the ones you learned to hate trust beyond the pearly gate live with all intentions good make sure that your understood vie...
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peace in the valley

Worried about nothing Helpless to move on Looking to another To make the worry all seem gone Looking to the Father To find strength to pass right through Hoping to discover Yourself inside the bl...
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it bleeds when its broken hurts when it bleeds and feels all the pains of the one that it needs it makes anger subside and the pains go away with the turns of the tides it reveals the true way it...
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