Poetic Things


(unnamed) it bleeds when its broken hurts when it bleeds and feels all the pains of the one that it needs it makes a...
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Im sorry for the imperfections Im sorry for the loss Im sorry for not saying hello when our paths do cross Im sorry for the hurt Im sorry for the rain Im sorry I wasnt there when you were filled w...
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Lost but not Forgotten

The brightness of the day thats gone is shining through the clouds The longing of the day to come burns off every shroud the willingness to move on will one day find your face the love that once bu...
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i dont think this is finished yet but i like the way it sounds

silent wispers in my ear i know what they mean but i cannot hear the words are silent but yet so bright they pass threw the cold and the dead of night they make you feel the truth that lies just be...
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Is there a place inside of you that no one knows about? A place that you hide all your fears and never let them out. All your secrets all your pain and all of your regrets. You keep them all bottle...
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Echoes within filter out the sound to the point that I cant hear the tears falling down to the bottom of an empty soul filled with a fear that is out of control spiraling through an endless abyss y...
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