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What is the message of Grace?

Posted on Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Message of Grace is the message that Gods Grace has saved us. It says that we did nothing and can do nothing to deserve it. It says when Jesus died on the Cross, He made the Grace of God available to all. It says that once you are saved you are under Gods Grace and that you are the righteousness of God. It says that you should change your thinking so that you now live within this Grace and with the knowledge that you are righteous. This thinking changes the way you live. 

While all of this contains some truth it does something that most false doctrine does. It points you into the wrong direction.  Gods Grace is real. It is unwavering but it should not be the object of our faith. We should not focus on it more than focusing on Jesus. Jesus should be at the center of our faith. When we focus on the fact that we are the righteousness of God we do so for our own benefit. We can know this is true and not hold it at the center of our faith. 

We should always hold Jesus at the center of everything we do, think and believe. he should be the object of our faith because without Him, Gods Grace would not be and is not available to us. 


This information is based on a study I did on the subject that can be found here: