Tis the season, but what exactly is the season all about? The Marketing Machine The marketing machine would have you believe it is about giving. So we give gifts to our families and bake hol...
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Made by Few Conference

I have hoped that I would be able to one day go on a trip and to a conference with the team that I work with, for a large part of my career and this weekend I was able to do both at th...
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Government, Acceptance and Our Next Generations

I don't usually comment about this type of thing but maybe it's time I did. This country is loosing its values and it's morals day by day. These so called Christians infiltrate the greedy systems o...
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A New Chapter - The Opportunity That Changed My World

It seems like yesterday that I started work at Transformyx. So much has happened over the years and so many life changing moments occurred while at the company. I have learned so much about myself,...
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TechX 2012 Re-Branding

After 6 months back at Transformyx Inc. Tech X 2012 looks like its coming down the pipe. We just launched a new landing page on and began the re-branding of the Conference....
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