Posted on Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Tis the season, but what exactly is the season all about?

The Marketing Machine

The marketing machine would have you believe it is about giving. So we give gifts to our families and bake holiday treats for our friends and coworkers so the we can feel we are participating in the holiday season of Christmas. But what does giving actually have to do with Christmas?


Tradition tells us to pretend with our children that Santa is the person that give gifts and the somehow the magic of the season is a reason to keep the lie going generation after generation. But what does a generous man in a red suit who travels the world in one night have to do with Christmas?


In reality the origins of Christmas have been watered down and transformed over the centuries into pagan rituals that are now a tradition of teaching our kids to fear and worship false gods while we adults worship and fear the marketing machine and our own children. All of this happens under the disguise of giving when in reality the only giving that most people look forward to is the giving that they receive. And who can blame them when they have been taught that they get good things for being good. 

Jesus, the savior of the world, was born and this signified a new era for humanity. Before He was born God was not at peace with humanity and the birth of Jesus was a symbol to all that God was now at peace with all of humanity. This was signified by angels singing about "Peace on Earth, good will toward men"(Luke 2:14) It was also a sign that the prophecies that were spoken of long before had come to pass which brought a hope into the world.



Jesus is the real reason for the season and if we don't make this a big part of why we celebrate, our celebrations become about satisfying our children's desires, our own desires and denying the actual reason for the season.