Government, Acceptance and Our Next Generations

Posted on Thursday, January 17, 2013
I don't usually comment about this type of thing but maybe it's time I did. This country is loosing its values and it's morals day by day. These so called Christians infiltrate the greedy systems of the political churches and schools across the country and at the name of acceptance and understanding we have become disconnected from the truth of Gods Word. We listen to the media and the out of touch politicians, teachers, preachers and governing bodies and trust them to make the best decisions for our lives when the founding fathers never intended to have a country so stricken with fear that it abandons the very core of its origins.

The world is changing. People now accept the things they can change and aren't motivated or taught to know the difference. Allowing false doctrine in schools has created a generation of people who know nothing of responsibility and are forced to "grow up" when they can't even control themselves long enough to figure out what it means to be an adult. Parents time out tactics and lack of responsible teaching in the home are only a piece of downward spiral our generation is allowing to continue. Sex, drugs, alcohol, obesity, disrepect, hate, fear, manipulation all are things the average teenager has not only seen but has most likely been a part of and there is no one in most of there lives teaching them how to overcome the things that plague their minds. As a result, depression, suicide, anger, hate and many other negative qualities ooze from the unknowing majority that is accepting of everything that feels comfortable. Without questioning your own motives and actions, how do you grow?

I face the question right now, Where do all these things lead? How will the youth of the nation step up? Will they step up? What will motivate them? When they are fed lies and deception, what will the reaction be? We are leaving a path of destruction for our youth to deal with and a legacy of bad decisions that will take a lifetime to correct. If we don't start doing something now, taking action today, we will only be left with a mess to clean up when all the dust settles. The younger generations are going to shape the future just as we are doing now. If we don't start the upward charge toward a better tomorrow, who will? The more generations we have, the further removed the solution becomes.

God help our nation to understand your love. Bring order to a chaotic time and fill the youth of the world with the drive nessecary to correct the mistakes of our ancestors. Teach this generation to understand that while we should be acceptant of others, showing Your love in all we do, it doesn't mean we are numb to the sins of this world or weak-minded or rude. We can disagree and still be respectful, tactful and open to being wrong. Help us to change this broken world and regain our morals, showing Your love to all that we encounter. Amen