i saw it once in a dream
its beauty like none else

it surounded me with intensity
as i clinged to myself

no one was around me
as i lay crying on the floor

as i felt the weight get stronger
and knew i needed something more

stuck here in this dream of mine
the changes all began

one face showed a broken heart
as the other showed a man

He stood there pointing out the way
and the path that i should take

if i didnt follow Him
i knew his heart would break

everyone was there with me
and still i felt alone

i looked around and saw the crowd
and how big it all had grown

although they were all standing there
i knew they couldnt see

how alone i really was
and how nothing seemed like me

the stars are what showed me the way
in the darkest part of night

the hurt inside my heart
somehow had found the light

the deapest part of everything
is where the beauty lies

and when we all get to the end
we will find our whys

this dream is deep inside my mind
and sometimes its all i see

i will follow Him to the end
and let Him know its me

when my mind starts wondering
but has nowhere to go i will tell this dream of mine
because this dream is all i know