note: this is my veiw on an experience i once had…although i didnt physically go through these things i feel like mentally i have experienced it. so basically its an experience of someone that is being saved and seeing Jesus for what he really is for the first time and comeing to Him and changing there life according to His will. Jesus is and always will be my best friend and i want to show others the same love and grace He has shown me in my life.

there at the alter
is where we first met

and its there at the alter
that ill never forget

the tears of the lonely
is all i could cry

its there at the alter
i saw life passing by

there at the alter
He took all the pain

His arms draped around
as i hid in my shame

its there at the alter
i found a new way

and there in the room
on the floor i did lay

trembleing in fear
as i lay on the floor

the experience was new
but i still wanted more

it felt like nothing
i had ever been through

not a drug in this world
nor the things i would do

i asked for redemtion
as i crawled to my knees

the man that i saw
said He had paid all my fees

HE told me a story
of how he died long ago

and rose from the dead
so everyone would know

He said i was born a sinner
and my debts had been paid

and now in his glory
at the alter i laid

there at the alter
is where i saw grace

His glory around me
His love filled the place

there at the alter
i realized my sin

and its there at the alter
where i met my best friend