broken hearts and fireflies are running through my mind
dreaming of a light inside with nothing left behind

open to the world around and hanging by a thread
dreaming of the day to come while trapt inside my head

falling down the rabbit hole into the earth below
why are the feet of everyone all going with the flow

standing up i see the truth and fight against the crowd
i scream louder than everyone but still they seem so loud

reaching out so far i hear them scream louder than me
they just dont understand life with its inconsistency

just like me there reaching out to find the only way
hoping to admit the truth and understand today

touching the crouded emptyness of an empty broken mind
show the truth and love and show the light of God inside

pray the better day will come and darkness will depart
hope for understanding to relieve the broken heart

if they could only see the only thing they cant ignore
i wish they would just hear this single voice below the roar