Notes: this is a poem of desperation. When everything around Seems like its falling apart, sometime all you want to do is run and hide. God is always there, even if you hide or run and He will Show you the way through your struggle.

Hide me away oh Lord, find me a way.
Show me the way oh Lord, teach me to pray.
The way starts to wind oh Lord, from day to day.
Hide me away oh Lord, hide me away.
I can’t always run from the things that I fear.
The words of the wicked are the words that I hear.
The charms and the tricks from the mouth they all fly.
Hide me away oh Lord, from the deceptive lie.
Show me truth in this world I do not know.
Teach me to love and Your love I will show.
Bring to my heart a most beautiful sound.
Forgiveness and love shall I wear as a crown.
Until ashes to ashes and dust to dust.
Hide me away oh Lord, from the tarnish and rust.
Show me Your glory, day after day,
But hide me away oh Lord, find me the way.