tonight i searched my soul
and found an empty shell
saw myself walking a wire
then suddenly i fell

falling to what i didnt know
but i knew it wasnt right
i knew i shouldnt be in this place
but here i was this night

as i sat there at the bar
waiting for my cue
You were once my insperation
and i knew i needed You

i felt the blindness fade away
and finally realized where i was
i never wanted to be here
but here i was just because

the darkness faded slowly
as i walked out of that place
i left that world behind me
and You i once again embrassed

once again your love
was covering my soul
once again a broken vessel
waitng for You to mold

driveing home that night
was the longest road i took
the noise seemed almost endless
and i had to take a second look

i looked back at the time i spent
getting to that place
and remembered in my youth
i dreamed of looking on Your face

my dreams were comming back again
and Your now all i can see
Your light shines bright inside my heart
and there Youll always be.