on the pillow i lay
as my heart skiped a beat
i was dreaming a dream
and was deep in my sleep

i knew when i woke
i would never forget
this dream was so real
as dreams all can get

in the dream was a girl
in a flowing white gown
she stood above me
as i lay on the ground

i saw her face shine
like the brightest of stars
then realized she was
from the farthest of fars

her face was so pure
like depths of the sea
she showed me her heart
as it beat just for me

then i noticed a sound
like the rushing of flame
the silence was calm
and she called out a name

the name was like none
i ever had heard
the most powerful name
and most powerful word

all bowed to their knee
as i stood oblivious
she introduced Him
and said this is Jesus

HE is King Of all kings
and Lord of all lords
His voice cuts the lies
just like two edged swords

my heart skipped a beat
as she uttered this phrase
i knew then my life
was destined for change

suddenly i woke
the dream still in mind
then it fell out of site
as i opened my eyes

i thought never again
would i look on His face
until i got back
to my dream of that place

i asked her how to get
to the place i had been
i knew in is love
is where all would begin

her words that night
seemed so far away
but then she pointed to Him
and told me He is The Way