note: this poem isnt about anyone in particular. its just me thinking and knowing how i would want this type of relationship to be..

heres to never feeling broken
when held inside her grasp

and always understanding
and knowing it will last

heres to looking in her eyes
and seeing true loves kiss

and looking even deeper
and being what she will miss

heres to dreaming of her touch
and never letting go

dreams are sometimes infanant
when love is all you show

heres to a love so unconditional
and helping with the pain

and understanding why
you just kissed her in the rain

heres to haveing no more lies
and knowing all her regrets

to seeing all the flaws she has
and having no secrets

heres to knowing shes there for you
and knowing she’ll never leave

and treating her like she deserves
nothing less than a queen

heres to her crying on your shoulder
as you wipe away the tears

and seeing all the little things
and knowing all her fears

heres to looking back at life
and remembering the past

and thinking things to yourself
like how long it will last

heres to dreams and adoration
and abundance in this life

and above all heres to who i descirbe
because this letters to my wife