Made while working with Envoc.

Project Overview

The Lamar AE Portal is an application designed for the iPad that brings together various sales and customer management and onboarding tools in order to help present and sell advertising products, create proposals and allow clients to accept agreements while the sales person is with the client.

The Problem

The sales process was very fragmented because of the systems and processes that were in place. The sales person had to first sell the client and then return to the office in order to enter the clients information and create the proposal. They would then need to send the proposal and wait for a signed proposal to complete the sale. The process and systems that were used slowed down the sale due to the multiple connection points and shared data needed between department systems. Each department had a different software that delivered different data sets and required the sales person to stop to gather information in order to complete the sale when all the information was gathered but not available to use.

Users & Audience

Sales people in the field working with clients.

Roles & Responsibilities

I was the lead UX/UI Designer responsible for all design and front-end development.

The Solution

The first step was understanding the current infrastructure, solutions and processes a sales person would use in order to start, work and close a sale. We used an agile methodology to start gathering information and creating wireframes and prototypes for the screens we knew we needed.

We began by gathering and designing screens for Contact, Calendar and Tools. Once those designs were defined a style guide was created in order to keep the design consistent as the app continued being built.


Add, edit and view contact information for customers and view account activity and proposals.


This was a view into the sales person’s calendar in outlook so they could manage their calendar from the tablet.


This section provided access to important documents, marketing material and presentations that could be shared with the client and included in proposals.

Using the Contact section as the beginning of the process we created a user flow that would take the sales person from the contact profile right into finding product. It began by finding or adding a customer which lead into a proposal builder that began with a map of the available product.

Product Finder Map

The map could be filtered with the appropriate areas, restrictions and considerations needed to choose the appropriate product that would perform the best for the customers goals.

Proposal Builder

A pre-designed proposal that included all the customers information and could be customized based on customer needs.

Once the product was selected it could be added to a pre-designed proposal. The tool sections could also be accessed from the proposal builder in order to add customizations for other marketing material to the proposal.

Once the products were added and the proposal was ready, the products would then be scheduled by accessing other campaign schedules of all other customers so the sales person could appropriately choose from the available dates and apply the appropriate settings to the selections. Once the selections were final they would be added to the proposal that could be sent, viewed and signed by the client.

A web document viewer was also created in order to view and sign at a future date.