Made while working with Envoc.

Project Overview

This project was a two phase project. The first phase included a client portal that is used to view and manage account information, invoices, contracts, billboard locations, review performance and upload files that would be used for their purchased billboards. The second phase was a management system to help customer manage their digital display ads. These two systems were being merged into one system to make it easier for customers to understand and manage their content and accounts. The new system needed the ability to set account privileges so specific customers data could be segmented and managed by their assigned managers.

The Problem

The previous version of the customer portal was outdated and difficult for customers to manage due to the segmentation of the systems used to manage media campaigns and customer accounts. There were two different applications that required the customer to leave one application that managed their standard billboards to go to a second application to manage their digital billboards. The two applications were not designed the same and were confusing for customers. The interface was not easy to use or for customers to find what they were looking for. With the rebuild, the customer wanted a better user experience that was easier to use for their customers and for internal staff to manage.

Users & Audience

The users for this application were business owners who needed to manage their account overall and provide multiple levels of access to their internal staff and their clients.

Roles & Responsibilities

My role in this project was primary designer and front-end developer. I worked with back-end developers by providing front-end HTML, CSS and presentation JS that they would take and build into a .NET application.

The Solution

The customer portal was built to be an intuitive and transparent way for our customers to manage their media campaigns. This portal allows customers to view invoices, contracts, proof of the media’s performance, the current media locations on a map, campaign activity, and make payments online, manage digital display campaign, upload files for printing, and submit service requests. A simplistic yet inviting design was created and the systems were combined into a single system in order to create a better overall customer experience.