Your logo is your first visual contact people have with your brand. If people connect with your brand, you have a better chance of gaining their business. Designing a great logo requires not just the ability to create a memorable brand but to also identify customers and execute the design in a way that stands out from the competition. That differentiation is achieved through a range of elements that all work together to form a distinctive picture.


Your logo needs to be timeless. It shouldn’t look out-of-date and shouldn’t be so trendy that it will age badly.


Your logo has to be relevant. It doesn’t have to be a literal representation of your business, but it should have relevance to your industry, and should be clear to potential customers why your business is relevant to them.


Your logo needs to be visible. In a crowded marketplace it needs to make an impact and stand out from the crowd.


Your logo needs to be distinctive. How memorable your logo is for your customers can improve how easy it is to share with other potential customers.


Your logo needs to be adaptable. Will it work as well in black and white as in color? Will it scale or is it so complicated that detail will be lost at small sizes?

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