There are many problems that can arise when creating products and building online brands. The digital landscape is always changing and there are many different directions a project can take throughout its lifecycle. As problems arise, solving the problems quickly and efficiently can help you take control of your business so you can, streamline your workflows, improve your systems, document your processes, and increase revenue.​

Below are a few ways to make improvements and solve problems.

Website Strategy​

It’s easy to build a website but making a website a successful tool within your business can be a challenge. It takes thoughtful strategies to keep your website up to date and functioning as tool to improve your business.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Your community is diverse and each platform has different types of people and tools that can drive your community to act. These differences can help to inform which platforms will work best for your business.

Process Building

Processes are unique to each business and can help a company prepare for growth. A scaling business can take many different paths to success so forming the best practices within your business can solve many problems of a growing and changing organization.

Tools & Systems

There are many tools available but choosing the right ones for your company can be tricky. Whether its a Content Management System (CMS), a Customer Relationship Manager(CRM) or a custom application I can help you choose or create the right tool for your business.


Documenting your processes and code and keeping the documentation up to date is something that will help to continue the growth within your business and streamline the time to onboard new team members.

Audits & Reporting

In order to get a good idea of the current status of your online brand and business is the audit your digital landscape. Some of the ways this can be done is by performing a SEO, website, or brand audit.

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